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Hella cool places to go JOGGING in PARIS! Top 3 BEST SPOTS

I dunno if you’ve noticed.. but I feel like French people are embarrassed to do stretches in public places… Why is that? Either way, Parisians and other inhabitants of Paris still definitely go jogging! So I’m gonna tell you about my top 3 favorite places to go for a jog.

#3 Bois de Vincennes


This place isn’t exactly in Paris but it definitely has it all; a walking trail, a lake, and the frickin forest (bois = forest). Yay! Trees and nature in the Paris suburbs. You can even rent little boats there! It’s located near Chateau de Vincennes off the Metro Line 1 or the train RER A. Despite it not being in Paris itself, on nice sunny days it’s full of people on the weekends. If you prefer running when there are less people definitely go earlier in the morning or on a weekday.

#2 Parque de Buttes Chaumont – Image

This place is absolutely gorgeous and it’s located in Paris itself in my neighborhood the 19th district (in the northeast). Even if you don’t go running you definitely must visit this park. It’s like an escape from the busy Paris city but still, right here in Paris. It’s also slightly less touristic so you can always find a spot on the grass to relax and enjoy the good weather.

# 1 Canal de l’Ourq – 


This is also located in the 19th district of Paris near Metros Laumiere, Jaures, Parque de la Villette, Ourq, and Porte de Pantin. If you begin your jog near Metro Jaures and make your way up the canal towards Parque de la Villette you can pass by some pretty cool stuff. After leaving Metro Jaures, you’ll see a couple of footbridges that go over the canal, go over one and you can see in the distance the tippy-top of the Eiffel Tower. Continuing up the Canal you’ll definitely see some hipsters or old people playing the old fashioned French game called “Petanque”. Continue a bit more crossing the intersection at Rue de Crimee (after here it gets a little less visually stimulating but only momentarily) once you start hitting Parque de la Villette you will not be sorry. You will soon see La Geode on your left. It’s so cool cause it’s like a big mirror ball that reflects the sky. Either stop jogging here or then make your way into the Parque de la Villette to see the other cool stuff it has like concert halls, cafes, and beautiful fountain located near the Metro Porte de Pantin.

If you have done any of the jogs please leave me a comment. And if you are currently in Paris or are to go soon, please check at least one of these places out! But these are just my top 3 favorites, there are definitely other really cool places to go running in the greater metropolitan area of Paris.

Motivation for people trying to get in shape: CONSISTENCY AND A GOOD DIET! These are some wise words my friend told me. And it’s not necessarily about long dredful workouts where your legs wobble the next day. It’s about gradually building more stamina, eating well and varied, and sticking to it! Consistency my friends, consistency! Within no time you’ll feel better about your mind and body.


A Dedication to my GOLDEN FRIENDS all over the World!

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Needing or wanting a person who doesn’t feel the same about you super sucks….

It’s happened to me where I was convinced there was a connection but the dude cut me off cold-turkey… and it also happened to me the other way around where a dude thought there was something between us two… and as far as I’m concerned there wasn’t. But in retrospect … now I know how the other guy was feeling when I thought there was a connection.
This same sort of thing happens in friendships. Maybe someone you give great importance to doesn’t put the same importance on you. Thinking about this really can make you feel sad. But, the good part is… there is that one friend, that one person, who does indeed feel the same way about you. And when there’s a mutual effort for staying in contact and checking on each other then you really have a solid friendship.
This happens in any part of the world, within our own cultures and interculturally. Some of the people who I connect the best with come from a cultural so very different from mine. Others are also American like me. Your background doesn’t matter, just caring and mutual interest. So I am a firm believer that similarity in cultural background does not necessarily mean a stronger friendship or relationship.

This post I dedicate to all my golden friends all over the world; USA, Mexico, Europe (Spain, Portugal, England, and France), South America (Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina) and Central America (Panama). I really hope you know who you are! These are friends that have inspired me, helped me grow, motivated me, and have been so much emotional support through all my traveling and life’s changes. Even if I don’t talk to many of you often, it doesn’t mean I don’t think of you and remember all the wonderful things you taught me and shared with me. It is because of YOU that I’ve never lost hope in life, love, and friendship!

Thank you, muchiiiisimas gracias, merci beaucoup, obrigada, and cheers mates!


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Finding Balance at Home and Abroad: 10 Wise Tips

1. Have a few people that you talk to on a regular basis (even if you are kind of a lone wolf):

Communication is super important in order to maintain a healthy mental state. There should at least be 1 person in your life that you can tell anything to without being judged. Talking to another person on a regular basis not only helps keep you updated on each other’s lives, but it also helps you work out any personal issues. When keeping in contact with someone who knows you really well and for a substantial about of time you are able to vent and work out any possible current issues in your life.

2. If someone does something that makes you smile, or makes your day better, tell them:

072       Photo taken in Plaza Mayor in Madrid, Spain

Even if it’s something as insignificant as a Facebook post or an Instagram photo, tell that person it made you happy. If you let them know they contributed to your state of happiness, it will make them feel happy too. You might even make their day!

3. Eat well (even on vacation):

Its definitely OK to try local dishes and sweets! But you don’t need to have a crepe everyday during your 1-week visit to Paris. You should take advantage of the yummy delights where ever you are but it might be a good idea to put limits on your portions.

4. Exercise/ Just move your body! :

Each person has different limits to how much they can or should exercise so I will not give one solid solution for everyone.  I will say that, what ever you consider exercise for you, whether it be speed walking, running, dancing, yoga, or whatever, do it 3-6 times a week. This will help you sleep better, it will make you feel better (cause it gives you endorphins), and it will motivate you to manage your time wisely. Note for travelers: I’m not telling you to bring your running shoes with you on your 5-day vacation, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do a short workout in your hotel room or take a long walk (without stopping to eat/drink) in the place you are visiting.

 014 Dance!

5. Don’t try to be a people-pleaser  (not even when traveling in groups):

It is impossible for one person to manage the moods and feelings of all those around them. We are humans and we all live individual unique lives. Different things inspire, motivate, and even irritate each individual. I know many of us can’t stand to let others down but sometimes things are just out of our control. If we put enough focus on our own physical and mental health, we will have more ease with others in general. Plus, on group trips not everyone in going to agree all the time. Think of alternative activities like spliting up temporarily, or having a precise meeting point and time to regroup!

6. Write things down:

Even if you are a person who rarely forgets things it might be an idea to keep an agenda or write yourself notes. I rarely forget an important date, but even I need to see things written down to give me a friendly reminders.

7. Don’t expect too much from others. Take the initiative:

Rely on yourself. I will explain this one with a personal example- My friend and I both wanted to go to a temporary exhibition in Paris. He wanted to go more than I did and told me at the beginning that it was only going to last 3 more weeks. A week later I asked him when it would be over and he told me 2 more weeks. We both got really busy and caught up with work but often still thought about going to the exhibition. Finally, no one brought it up until the exhibition was over, and of course, my friend was angry at me. He assumed I would tell him a fixed date to go, and I assumed he wasn’t to crazy about going any more. If something means a lot to you, communicate it. Assuming makes an ASS out of U and ME! 

8. If the weather is nice, get the ef outside dude: 

002  Photo taken in Madrid, Spain in front of  El Palacio Real

The weather has a huge influence on our moods. Even if we have HELLA work to do, we can prolly take 15 short minutes to just go outside, close our eyes, and soak up the sun. This is especially important if you live in a climate where the weather is generally depressing. Take advantage of the good weather for once!

9. If you need to cry, cry damnit:

Crying releases toxins. You ever get giggly after crying? I know I do! And some people need to cry more than others. Our bodies all work differently.

10. If you need a hug, ask somebody for one:

Chances are someone is willing to give you a hug! We are social creatures who need physical contact every once in a while. Maybe you don’t notice the affects of a hug right away, but if you hug more often it can have a positive long term affect on your mental health!