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Cool Websites for Spanish/English bilinguals to Enjoy!

spanishenglHere is a list of some websites I like to check out when I’m bored out of my mind and don’t wanna spend all my time on Facebook… Esta lista es para los bilingües (del español e inglés) , but if you only speak English there are still some links for you. Si no hablas inglés también hay unas ligas exclusivamente para ti: – Link for English speakers that want a good laugh. This site is full of short and funny videos and articles. They make up different scenarios about possible life roles or write about alternative topics. The poke fun at all flocks of life from straights, gays, different races and cultures, different ages of people, and even guys who can’t grow beards. You’ve probably come across this website on a Facebook posting. – This is for those who love unique and handmade cards. The creator of Papier de Norma even does special order, custom made cards for her customers. I am a personal friend and customer of Norma’s. Check out her cute and classy, all occasion, handmade greeting cards. La creadora Norma Galan habla ingles, español y francés y estaría más que dispuesta hacerte unas tarjetas personalizadas si te interesaría. – Link for Spanish speakers that want a good laugh. Este enlace es lo que crees, un archivo para chistes en español. Hay unos cuantos bien cursis pero hay algunos bastante chistosos.

chiste – Otro para los hispanohablantes. Aqui no tienes chistes sino artiulos unicos e interestantes sobre todo tipo de tema. Desde deportes hasta conejos gigantes, todo se encuentra en esta pagina web. Es divertido y tiene informacion actual (es una de las primeras en poner la informacion). – This one is for everyone, no language barrier como este blog es casi puras imágenes. It’s mainly images, many of them strange.  It’s all here: art, culture, beauty, freedom and liberty, technology, aliens, paintings, nature, photography, cinema, and science. It’s worth taking a look at. The creator: Yutsil Sanchez is a creative Mexican artist with a unique vision of the world… When you’re looking at her blog, you’re looking into her mind! – This is also a bit more international. This site is full of humerous drawings, gifs, and memes that poke fun at current pop culture.

laugh – Looking for some crafty inexpensive home improvement ideas? Well check out this page and you will not be let down. There are some really interesting short videos that show you how to makeover your home or just add some simple home crafted decorations.  I definitely recommend this if your looking for some new projects to do around the house. This page also includes ideas for gifts, yummy recipes, and much more!

And last but not least have a look at for fashion ideas.

I’d love to hear your comments! I hope you have time to check out some of these pages and I hope they bring you something new! =)