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The Holiday Season Abroad!

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The holiday season can be a very challenging and emotional time for anyone who is away from their native homeland. Today, I’m gonna talk about ways you can make the most of this time of year while being abroad.


Halloween and Thanksgiving already passed this year but we still have Christmas and New Years to get ready for.

For Halloween and Dia de los Muertos the best suggestion I have is to plan a party or outing with friends! Unfortunately I was sick so my night ended early but it was sure fun practicing painting “Catrina” faces with my partner this year. jose_pulido

The night of the actual party we had a Mexican meal and beers at home with friends while playing the “Cards Against Humanity” Spanish version. This is a good game to play for any holiday or party. If you don’t know what Cards Against Humanity is, check out this link:

y para los hispanohablantes:

Breaking-Bad-Cards-Against-Humanity-Slide-4 Cards

Happy belated Thanksgiving! It was just yesterday and gee was I missing home! My sister should not have shown me the food they prepared over Skype! This year I had to work here in Paris so it was like any other day and so I did no actual celebrating the day of. What I did do however was plan a small lunch outing with some close friends (some of them being American) and at the end of the meal we all said what we were thankful for. My best friend was very sweet and gave everyone homemade sweet potatoe bread which was delicious.


So if ever you are away at Thanksgiving time and are American, don’t forget that the main reason to celebrate is to remember what you are thankful for. You can do this anywhere in the world and there are always other expats out there willing and happy to get together to celebrate with you. If you don’t manage to find any expats then share your Thanksgiving traditions with your new foreign buddies! My partner isn’t American but was happy to learn about this special day for me.

Now for what’s coming up …


This will be the first Christmas that I won’t celebrate with some type of family so I’m gonna have to get kinda creative. I only get the day of Christmas off, so I can’t be planning any trips. I will stay here in Paris and probably celebrate it with just a few people in a similar situation. As my sister at home has told me that she is going to throw an ugly sweater party, I have decided I’d like to do the same. Have a small group of friends over in silly sweaters and have an abundant Christmas dinner. I can’t wait to start looking for my amazingly hideous sweater.


I Googled ugly sweaters for some ideas and found this amazing website: So if your too lazy to go out looking for that perfect ugly sweater, go order one online.


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One thought on “The Holiday Season Abroad!

  1. The holiday season has arrived!!! I like your suggestions…!!! Always introduce the foreigners to your celebrations 🙂

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