Cross-cultural insights and questions from home and abroad

What the heck is this blog about anyway?

In this blog I’ll write about personal experiences that take place at home in Cali-For-NI-A or abroad. I’ve basically been living abroad since 2009 and just recently in 2014 decided to start a blog to share my experiences.

Most posts will have some relation to culture and linguistics. Although there will be others that deal with life’s lessons, quotes, or basically whatever inspires me that day.

Warning: Please do not take any negativity in my posts personally. I am just another human-being expressing myself and like anyone I am not postitive 100% of the time. My intentions are always good and I am to entertain and maybe teach a thing or two if possible.

I am OBVIOUSLY not a writer, so my style of writing is very much the way I speak, so you WILL find grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Je suis desole =)



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