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Unique Dining in Paris: Borgo delle Tovalgie

A must visit restaurant in ParisBorgo delle Tovalgie near Metro Oberkampf lines 5/9

In one month since it’s grand-opening, Borgo is leaving its customers enchanted! With its unique rustic decorations and fine Italian deli meats, and quant lighting Borgo leaves all passers-by tempted to enter. Those who dare enter, leave only to return. If you are still not curious just have a look at some of these pictures I’ve taken:

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So What is Borgo?

Well it’s not just a restaurant… it’s a home decor type store as well! And all the furniture you see is made by the Borgo Brand. And all the kitchenware and decor used by the restuarant is also available for purchase in the store. And the pleasant wood scent that you smell as you walk in the store is another one of Borgo’s fine products.

2014-10-25 18.48.28 (1)

Unique lamps made from old books

The store is huge! You wouldn’t guess it from the outside but you walk in and discover that it has several sections with different home themes. From bed linen and table clothes, to industructable plates, this store has everything you need to fill your home with top quality home goods. The custom fitted table clothes are a must buy because they are made with a special material which makes them super easy to wipe down, so don’t be afraid to get them wet.

Also, I forgot to mention … it also has an épicerie – small grocery store:

2014-11-05 20.58.24

So, what’s Borgo doing in Paris? 

Well it started as a small family business in Bologna, Italy. They started out as a tablecloth manufacturing firm in 1866  and slowly expanded their business to sell a variety of products. Now they are going international. Paris is their first store outside of Italy and next they plan to expand to New York. So watch out America here comes BORGO DELLE TOVAGLIE. If you want to more about Borgo check out their website:

One last thing: DO NOT FORGET DESSERT! 

My absolute favorite part of the Borgo experience is eating their delicious desserts made from the owner’s family recipes!

2014-11-06 20.19.27

Yummy pies and cakes!

2014-11-05 20.57.56


So whether you are just passing through Paris or live here, you should definitely check out Borgo!

Open Tuesday-Saturday for dinner and Monday through Saturday for lunch. Closed Sundays and major holidays

Please comment your Borgo experience or leave any questions you might have! Thank you!